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Botanicare® CocoPro Cube 6x6x6 30ct

Botanicare® CocoPro Cube 6x6x6 30ct

Botanicare® CocoPro Cube 6x6x6 30ct

CocoPro™ cubes contain thoroughly washed and buffered coco fiber, pith, and husk for a consistent ratio of air and water throughout each cube. This high-performance blend delivers oxygen to plant roots while retaining moisture and nutrients – giving you more control over your fertigation regimen. The breathable fabric cover promotes air/gas exchange for increased root-zone oxygen levels, provides excellent water drainage for faster dry-down times, and encourages natural pruning and branching for a healthy root system.

Made from renewable, compostable* coco husk, CocoPro™ is a consistent and scalable substrate for commercial grow facilities.

  • Save on labor with pre-filled bags and fast hydration
  • Features a pre-drilled indentation for easy planting
  • Designed for consistent results in commercial growing facilities
  • Made from compostable coco coir
  • Easy to transport and store

6x6x6 Cube:

  • Compressed Weight: 1.1 lb
  • Cube Size: .99 gal
  • Case QTY: 30 EA

4x4x4 Cube:

  • Compressed Weight: 0.26 lb
  • Cube Size: 0.24 gal
  • Case QTY: 130 EA
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