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Hydro-Logic® Evolution RO1000™ - 1000 GPD System

Hydro-Logic® Evolution RO1000™ - 1000 GPD System

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This system is capable of producing more than 1000 GPD or 42 gallons per hour of pure water. Remove 94%+ of all parts per million from your tap water. Can produce up to 1500 GPD at 80 PSI with an optional booster pump. Save more water by running 2:1 waste to product water ratio, or optional 1:1 ratio (included). Includes custom KDF/catalytic carbon filter for reduction of chlorine, chloramine, iron, sulfur and heavy metals. Simple and quick setup. 

Combine with Hydro-Logic PreEvolution High Capacity Pre-Filter (HGC728792) to ensure your Evolution RO1000 runs more efficiently. Protect the RO membranes and extend their life. Less filter changes and maintenance - every 7,500 gallons of purified water. Cleanable sediment filter is re-usable. Combination of KDF85 and the KDF55 with eco-friendly catalytic carbon filter reduces chlorine, chloramines, iron, sulfur, and heavy metals. - great for city or well water. Highly recommended when using more than 150 gallons of purified water per week on average.


Pre-Filter System

HGC728792 Hydro-Logic PreEvolution High Capacity Pre-Filter


Pre Filter

HGC741642 Hydro-Logic Pre-Evolution Sediment Filter Pleated/Cleanable


Carbon Filter

HGC741701 Hydro-Logic PreEvolution Catalytic Carbon/KDFfilter (8/cs)

HGC741640 Hydro-Logic PreEvolution Chlorashield

HGC728772 Evolution-RO™ ChloraShield®



HGC728774 Hydro-Logic Evolution RO1000 Membrane



HGC728880 Hydro-Logic Pressure Booster Pump Evolution RO Continuous Use / Heavy Duty

HGC728914 Hydro-Logic Float Valve QC 3/8 in for Evolution RO 1000 and Tall Boy

HGC741666 (HL 24017) Hydro-Logic Wrench Stealth RO Double ended

HGC728905 Hydro-Logic Flowmaster Flow Meter 3/8 in

HGC728910 Hydro-Logic Evolution RO Pressure Regulator 1/2Inches brass, adjustable 0-125 psi


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