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Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi

Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi

24/7 control of your reservoir pH, conductivity, and temperature anywhere, anytime from your phone

Built-in Wi-Fi (with option to disable)
Monitor and automate nutrient and pH dosing in reservoirs when paired with Bluelab PeriPod dosers
View and control on your mobile phone, visit for more information
Replaceable probes for pH (BNC connection), Temperature and Conductivity measurements
Safety lockouts prevent excessive dosing
Auto-resume dosing after power loss
Multi-part nutrient dosing possible with multiple PeriPods
Controls pH in the up (alkali) or down (acid) direction
Visual high and low alarms to alert you when parameters are out of range
Dosing routine allows for effective mixing before next dose
2 m (6-ft) cable lengths for best positioning and viewing
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Control your key parameters 24/7 
Full pH and nutrient dosing
The Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi will maintain perfect and stable pH and nutrient levels in your reservoir, ensuring optimal nutrient availability for your plants at all times. Set your required targets for pH and conductivity and allow the controller to do the rest.

Since there’s no need for any spot checks or manual adjustments, the Bluelab Pro Controller Wi-Fi saves you time and labor so that you can focus on growing healthier plants every single time.

When you pair your controller with high-precision Bluelab PeriPod dosers, you’ll have a complete nutrient dosing system. You can also connect other mains-powered pumps by using the Bluelab PowerPod.


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