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ESP-150 Dissolved Oxygen Nanobubble Generator

ESP-150 Dissolved Oxygen Nanobubble Generator


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The ENRICHMENT SYSTEMS™ Portable Dissolved Oxygen Unit is a game-changer in the industry, offering unparalleled power and cost-effectiveness.

Immerse yourself in the world of oxygen Nanobubbles with our submersible unit, specifically optimized for indoor facilities and greenhouses.

Experience a revolutionary boost in plant health and yield as the ESP-150 saturates irrigation water with oxygen Nanobubbles, taking dissolved oxygen levels to extraordinary heights of up to 500% - 600%.

Key Features:
- Unmatched Industry GPM Speed: Delivers 80 GPM
- Lightweight and Portable (Easily transportable to multiple reservoirs)
- Harnesses the extraordinary power of oxygen Nanobubbles for unparalleled oxygenation
- Produces highly concentrated oxygenated water, elevating water quality
- Utilizes top-grade commercial/industrial components
- Significantly reduces Pythium and biofilm levels
- Unleashes accelerated vigor, fortifies the root zone, and promotes thriving plant health
- Maximizes nutrient uptake for optimal growth
- Fosters a thriving ecosystem by promoting beneficial bacteria and suppressing pathogens

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